Return to 5 day Face to Face Instruction
JH-HS Wednesday Report to School Letter
January 11, 2021 Bristol Parents and Guardians, Welcome back to face to face learning. We will continue our hybrid model meaning that students will continue to report two days per week and engage in remote learning the remaining three days of the week until further notice. We are aware that most of the remaining holidays fall on Monday or Friday. This creates a situation where one group may have one day of face to face and the other group would have two. In order to give our students the best opportunity to remain engaged with their teachers and be in the school building we will utilize Wednesdays during those weeks that a holiday or off-day occurs on a Monday or a Friday. This list is provided below. Please note that this is subject to change should Bristol High School return to five day face to face or need to implement full remote learning.

 January 20, 2021 - Mon/Tues students will attend

 February 10, 2021 - Thurs/Fri students will attend 

 February 17, 2021 - Mon/Tues students will attend 

 March 31, 2021 - Thurs/Fri students will attend

April 7, 2021 - Mon/Tues students will attend

These Wednesday sessions are required school days. Bristol Local Schools will provide normal transportation on the Wednesdays we are face to face. Student attendance will be taken. Thank you, 

Timothy Fairfield 
High School Principal
Bristol Local Schools
Announcement from the Principal Fairfield
Good afternoon Bristol Parents this is Mr. Fairfield HS principal with an update regarding our return to face to face instruction at the HS and an adjustment to the hybrid calendar.  Students will return to the previous two day face to face model beginning January 11, 2021.  Our hybrid model of two days face to face and three days remote will resume beginning Monday January 11, 2021. Please note that all previous guidelines are still in effect including the requirement that students wear a mask to school.  Those students in the Monday/ Tuesday group will attend face to face on Tuesday and Wednesday the week of January 18th due to school not being in session on Monday the 18th to recognize the MLK Day holiday.  Students will be transported to school on Wednesday on their regular bus route.  Once again the Monday/Tuesday group will attend Tuesday/Wednesday the week of January 18th.  Thank you.   
Bristol High School Remote Learning!
Should Bristol HS need to engage in full remote learning at any time during this school year, students should follow this schedule during that period. Our goal is to maintain face-to-face instruction. We are aware that the need to transition to remote learning may be applicable during the upcoming holiday season. Please refer to this schedule for those periods where this may be required.
Welcome Back Letter from Principal Timothy Fairfield
Welcome Back!
We are excited and cautious to be starting this school year! I know that some families
have some real concerns about managing our way through a safe and successful return
to classes. Please be assured that we have taken extensive precautions to ensure the
safety of our students. Bristol Local Schools and Bristol High School have implemented
the following guidelines to ensure that our students can safely return to school.

We will adhere to the Governors guidance that all students and staff must wear
masks during the school day

Thermal Scanners have been installed at the entry points to notify students if
they have a fever and to remind students to wear a mask

We have extended the hours of our school nurse so that she will be present
during the start of and for the entirety of the school day.
Hallway traffic

 Arrows are installed to guide the flow of traffic (decals on the floor remind
students to remain on the right side of the hallway)
Stairwells have been designated as up and down stairways and have
decals to signify that the stairwell next to the HS Office is the “UP” stairwell and will be
used to ascend to the 2nd and 3rd floors
The Stairwell next to the Custodial Office is the “Down” stairwell
and will be used to descend from the 3rd and 2nd floors classrooms
Hand sanitizer stations have been installed in all classrooms
Disinfectant will be used to clean desks between classes
Sneeze guards and plexiglass partitions have been installed in classrooms
on teacher desks
Class sizes have been reduced to facilitate social distancing and extra
desks and furniture has been removed? Doors will remain propped open to reduce touch points


Students have been given a full remote option for the first semester (with
option to extend for the full year)
Hybrid face to face instruction has been implemented
Students split into two groups
Group 1 meets Monday and Tuesday
Group 2 meets Thursday and Friday
Teachers will hold virtual (zoom) office hours on Wednesday
Assignments and grade book will be updated Wednesdays
All new concepts, lecture, and instruction will take place on face to
face days
Assessments, practice assignments, projects, research, reading
etc. will occur on remote days
The option to return to full five day instruction will be re-evaluated during
the school year
Elective courses will follow the same guidelines
Grading scale remains the same (No Pass/Fail)

Athletics/extra-curricular activities

Athletic guidelines have been developed and have been released
Limited spectators
Use of vending machines/no concessions
Music/choral concerts are not permitted
No drama production
No field trips
I know that many of these guidelines can be burdensome, however they are what is
necessary to ensure a safe return to our school. I hope as we revisit our situation we
see improvements and we can return to a more normal scenario.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.
Mr. T. Fairfield
High School Principal
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Students of the Month - 
7th-  Emily Johnson
8th- Kaylee Burns
9th- Brook Smith
10th- Cassidy Barnett
11th- Ellie Crisp
12th- Zack Burns
7th- Wyatt Clisby
8th- Sarah Lyons
9th- Hailey Dennis
10th- Angelo Digiacomo
11th- Alyson Wildman
12th- Hannah Woolf

7th- Mackenzie Perkins
8th- Quinn Hochstetler
9th- Jordan Miller
10th- Briana McDowell
11th- Johnny Stephens
12th- Maddie McDowell
7th- Wade Smith
8th- Leon Thorp
9th- Jayden Miller
10th- Abigail Nichols
11th- Joel Bellino
12th- Brandon Buzzelli

7th- Kayden Gillin
8th- Ellie Anderson
9th- Ava Kendzor
10th- Bryant Willis
11th- Billie Miller
12th- Jeremy Miller 





Important Immunization Requirements!!!
Prior to entering 7th Grade students MUST have had 1 dose of Tdap Vaccine.  Please note that this must be administered in order to attend school.
 Prior to entering 7th Grade students must have had 1 dose of MCV4 (meningococcal).
Prior to entering 12th Grade students must have had 2 doses of MCV4 (meningococcal).  
 Save the Date

  • March 24 - End of the third 9 weeks
  • March 26 - Early Dismissal 
  • April 2, 5 - No School Spring Break
  • April 30 - tentative - Prom
  • May 26 - Senior's last day
  • May 28 - Graduation
  • May 31 - No School Memorial Day
  • June 1 - Early Dismissal 11:50 - End of fourth 9 weeks - Last Day for students
  • June 2 - Teachers last day


We  are collecting pictures for our Veteran's Day Slide.  If you or a family member is a Veteran and you want to be included in the slide show please submit a picture to the HS office.  Hard copies will be scanned and returned to you.  You may submit a digital copy to [email protected]


State Report Cards were released.  Please click below to view the HS report card.

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