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Bristol School District
In 1803, Alford Wolcott, a surveyor for the Connecticut Land Company, received a parcel of land as payment for surveying an area in Trumbull County of the Western Reserve. On this land he erected a building and named the township Bristol in honor of his former home in Bristol, Connecticut.

In the next five years, many pioneer families moved from the East Coast to the area. The people recognized the need for schooling for their children; therefore, the first school was started in 1810. The first school house was made of logs. Its light came from the sun shinning through small windows of greased paper.

As the township grew, several one-room schoolhouses dotted the township area. Near the end of the nineteenth century, a limited program of secondary education was added; the first students graduated in 1888. Centralization of township school facilities came in 1915 and has continued as such to the present time.

In July 1988, a merger occurred with the Farmington Local School District, which added an additional 400 students to the Bristol Local School District. Today a full comprehensive elementary, middle and high school are provided for its pupils.
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1845 Greenville Rd. NW, P.O. Box 260
Bristolville, OH 44402
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